Keep your home cool this summer


Summer’s here and we’re all looking forward to days at the beach, BBQs and long cold drinks. With it will undoubtedly come hot weather, air conditioners on full and increases in power bills. There are many ways to keep cool at home without running up unnecessary energy bills. Have you ever stopped to think about how many hours you need to work to pay a power bill? 

Here are a few ideas to try and keep the heat at bay this summer.

Shade your windows

Keeping the sun off your windows during summer is key to keeping your home cool. Shading can be provided by external shade blinds, shade cloth or trees. This simple strategy helps to reduce heat build-up in the house, increases comfort and defers the need for air conditioning for a while.

Why shade the glass? Did you know that for every one square metre of glass the sun directly hits, the heat is radiated inside by over 35%. That’s equivalent to a one-bar electric heater being on in the house for every square metre of glass the sun hits. Stopping that with shading devices can make a big difference.

Fans first

Using fans to circulate the air produces a cooling effect on the skin of between 3C to 6C. This helps you to feel cooler without having to use an air conditioner. Depending on your local energy rates, fans cost about 1.5 cents an hour to run, air conditioners cost around 50 cents an hour upwards to run. Fans are a great way to put off turning on that air conditioner and much cheaper to run.

Let the hot air out Efficient cooling

If you have evaporative cooling be sure to leave a few windows ajar.

If you have a reverse cycle or refrigerated air conditioner you’ll need to close off the area you are cooling to keep the cool air in while the system is on. Regularly check and clean the filters to ensure the system operates efficiently.

Regardless of the type of system you may have, consider increasing the temperature. Instead of having the temperature set at 20C, set it to 24C. It will still be cool, and for every 1C you save cooling, you could save up to 10% of the running cost.

The combined approach

To get a really efficient cooling use a fan in conjunction with the air conditioner. You can set the temperature on the air conditioner higher which will save on energy costs. With both running together you’ll get a great cooling effect for less energy, and less cost.

By implementing a few of these cooling tips you should be able to keep your cool this summer without breaking the bank on energy bills.


Selling tips; presenting your property.

Front view appeal: The front of your property is first focal point for numerous buyers. Many people will do a ‘drive-past’ before viewing the property at a home open. Ensure your garden is maintained and attractive, or driveway and pathways weedless, swept and clean.

Fix it: There’s no surprise that buyers don’t want extra work to be done. If you are presenting your property in the highest standard, make sure leaky taps are tightened, lightbulbs replaced, fallen fences are fixed and decide what may need replacing.

De-clutter: When you clear out the excessive clutter in rooms it not only keeps the place tidy but also allows for rooms to been seen as their correct size.

Clean, Clean, Clean: Buyers want to envision your home as theirs. No one wants to walk into a home and see it dirty, so before every viewing give your property a proper clean, including windows to bring in bright, natural light.

Pets: Pets can create a lot of mess and dirt very quickly. Ensure they are not around for home opens and all toys, food bowls and surprise gifts in the backyard are cleaned up.

Aerate: Freshen your home by opening windows and doors to let out any odours that may have been lingering in your home.

Styling: This is the last factor is presenting your home. Check out websites like Pinterest for styling tips, hire furniture for the open homes or if you have purchased a new property, move your things leave it clean and empty. Whatever you choose, remember not everyone has the same style preference, so go for a minimalist look with clean, fresh colours.

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